Media Relations

Media relations training

News Microphone How your members represent your service in the media is paramount to your organization’s reputation. Duty Calls Communications offers several media training seminars specifically for emergency services that incorporate the legal restrictions on the release of information in Canada. Drawing on experience in journalism, media relations and teaching, Roxanne delivers workshops that incorporate both theory and hands-on practice in front of the microphone.

Crisis communications training

Being prepared for crisis is at the core of operational planning, so why not ensure those who represent your service to the public are prepared as well? These workshops will provide the tools needed to communicate in the midst of a crisis, an understanding of the role of the public information officer within the Incident Management System, as well as hands-on experience in front of the camera.

 Workshop options:

  • One-day media relations workshop for senior officers, managers or supervisors
  • One-day crisis communications workshop for senior officers, managers or supervisors
  • Four-day workshop for spokespeople and subject-matter experts
  • Four-day advanced media relations workshop for spokespeople and subject-matter experts
  • Three-day advanced crisis communications workshop for spokespeople

Press conferences

If you are announcing the results of a large-scale operation or significant organizational change, a major news conference will get your message out to the media in a coordinated and effective manner. Duty Calls Communications can take care of the planning, the development of media materials (advisories, media release, key messaging, speaking points, backgrounders, etc.), and get the media in the room.

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