Strategic Services

Corporate communications strategy development

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Where are you and where do you want to go? Developing a ‘big picture’ strategy will position your organization in the eyes of the public, funders, stakeholders and employees. An analysis of your current communications channels, the environment within which you operate and the challenges you face lays the groundwork to build a forward-looking, actionable strategy for the future.

Crisis communications planning

It is not a matter of if, it’s just a matter of when. This plan prepares you for when crisis hits. Whether it’s an internal crisis such as a member death or an external crisis such as an attack on your organization’s reputation, a comprehensive crisis communications strategy will help you effectively communicate with your various audiences in any crisis.

Media relations and/or social media policy development

A sound, defendable policy is the foundation for a comprehensive and consistent practice in media relations or in the use of social media. Ensure your people know the ground rules with a fulsome policy to guide interactions with reporters and on social media.

Website development 

Time to rebuild or refresh your website? Whether you are looking to start from the ground up or just want to improve visitor experience, Duty Calls Communications can help ensure your site is user friendly, dynamic and engaging.

Campaign development and execution

Looking to launch a public awareness/education campaign to reduce crime or an internal campaign to increase engagement? Duty Calls Communications specializes in building and executing comprehensive and cohesive campaigns that get results.

Internal communications audit

How do you talk to your employees? And, are they hearing you? A communications audit includes an analysis of existing internal communications channels and an assessment of effectiveness based on surveys and interviews with key leaders and employees. It will also provide recommendations for enhancements of existing channels and the creation of new techniques to communicate with your most important audience – your people.

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